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Elden's 'Hidden Gem' Winemakers

At we spend a lot of time seeking out what we call hidden gem winemakers. We often think of the wines as hidden gems but many of our winemakers are hidden gems too! These winemakers are often found in lesser appellations. And by lesser, we mean lesser in renown, not quality. Check out our blog on this topic: On the 'Lesser Appellation' trail - the road to hidden Burgundy gems.

Check out the main Villages & Appellations of Burgundy.


Agnes Paquet

Agnes Paquet’s family has held an important parcel of vines in the appellation Auxey-Duresses since the mid-1950s. Until 2000, the family rented the land...

Louis Picamelot

Founded in 1926, the Maison Louis Picamelot is today one of the oldest Crémant houses in Burgundy, and without a doubt the most distinguished.

Chateau Cary Potet

We met Charles du Besset from Château Cary Potet at one of the earliest Grands Jours de Bourgogne. We fell in love with his beautiful and luscious Montagnys, but also with the character himself.

Champagne Brigandat

Young producers like Bertrand Brigandat are in the forefront of a small-production revolution in the southernmost part Champagne.

Domaine Felix

When Herve Felix returned home to Saint-Bris le Vineux in 1987 to take over the family vineyards, he was but one of many who had done so since the family archives first showed a winemaker in the family in 1692....

Domaine Alain Vignot

Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of the appellation Bourgogne Cote Saint Jacques.

Domaine Jean Marechal

Despite the fact that the Domaine Jean Marechal has been making wine in Mercurey from father to son since 1570, they are...

Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Vineyard work is best described as ‘sustainable’, with no herbicides used, and rigorous, meticulous farming to enhance soil quality. High quality, beautiful fruit is the goal.

Domaine Michel Rebougeon

The Domaine Michel Rebougeon, in the heart of Pommard, has origins dating back to the 16th century.

Domaine du Chateau de Vergisson

After having taken over their family vineyards, Stephanie Saumaize and Pierre Laroche created the Domaine du Chateau de Vergisson in 2012, and were soon turning heads in Pouilly-Fuisse and the Maconnais.

Elise Villiers

We first met Elise Villiers not long after she started making wine in Vezelay. She was a late-comer to wine making, but showed talent and flair right from the start.

Domaine Albert Boillot

Raymond Boillot has seen some 40 harvests, and was the ‘maitre de chai’ for the Reine Pedauque for most of his career. But these are his wines. And here he makes just 20,000 bottles a year.

Domaine Borgeot

We remember the exact day that we met Pascal Borgeot. It was January 28 1989. There’s a poster on our wall to mark the occasion. Not the meeting, but the day. It was a frigid St Vincent Tournante in Santenay.

Domaine De Suremain

Eric De Suremain talks a lot about synergy. Synergy between where you come from and who you are.

Domaine Royet

Combining tradition and modernity, the Domaine Royet produces wines that express the unique subsoils of Côtes du Couchois.

Domaine Gilles Bouton

We met Gilles Bouton back in the days of our hotel-barge Le Papillon when we were cruising the inland waterways in search of the real Burgundy.

Domaine Germain Pere et Fils

The Domaine Germain was born in 1955 with vineyards situated uniquely in Saint Romain. Today the Domaine Germain covers more than 33 acres, with wines in Saint Romain, Pommard and Beaune.

Domaine Jean Fery

We first heard of the Domaine Jean Fery a few years back when we ran into Pascal Marchand shortly after his liberation from corporate winemaking.

Domaine Jean-Jacques Girard

Jean-Jacques Girard’s family was growing grapes in Savigny-lès-Beaune back in 1529. That, as the French say, is ‘formidable’ and would make the domain one of the oldest in Burgundy.

Domaine Joliet

The Clos de la Perriere in Fixin, founded by the Cistercians in 1142, is a walled-in vineyard that the monks way back when knew made an exceptional wine.

Domaine Marchand Freres

The Domaine Marchand Freres does all those things that great producers do to make great wine. No pain is spared in the pursuit of quality.

Domaine Michel Arcelain

We can tell you things about Michel Arcelain that at first would not seem to have anything to do with wine. But then everything in Michel’s life has something to do with wine.

Domaine Mouton

Who dare defy Mouton- Rothschild? When their big-gun lawyers said they could not use the family name to sell wine, Laurent Mouton stood his ground.

Champagne Gamet

Gamet makes their wines with passion and patience. Located in the Marne Valley, the Gamet house extends over three communes: Mardeuil, Damery & Fleury-la-Rivière.

Domaine Oudin

The Domaine Oudin came to be in the late 1980s when Jean-Claude and Christine Oudin left the stress of Paris life behind and settled near the bridge in Chichée to raise their two daughters and to develop a small vineyard she had inherited.

Domaine Pierre Naigeon

The Domaine Naigeon, though old by even Burgundy standards, remained fairly small until the present generation. Shortly after 1945 Pierre Naigeon gave his name to the domain that is now managed by his grandson, also named Pierre.

Paul-Henri Thillardon

Paul-Henri Thillardon is, at a very young age, a masterful winemaker. It’s got to be a gift, he has perfect pitch and his wines sing. This is the Beaujolais renaissance.

Domaine Philippe Charmond

The village of Vergisson, perched on the flanks of the Roche de Vergisson and with the rock of Solutre as a backdrop, is one of the prettiest villages in the Maconnais.

Domaine Pierre Thibert

Pierre Thibert is a ‘garagiste’ no more! And we’re here to report on big changes in this small-production, top-quality, self-made domain.

Domaine Elodie Roy

2018 was the debut vintage for Domaine Elodie Roy. But the back story is incredible. And the future…. well, a star is born!

Domaine Potinet-Ampeau

Vincent Durrieu is the fifth generation of this family to work the domain, continuing with very traditional Burgundian methods. And it’s a noble tradition.

Domaine Regnaudot

Bernard Regnaudot arrived in Dezizes-les Maranges in 1996, but he is a third-generation vigneron.

Domaine Richard Rottiers

Richard Rottiers has winemaking in his blood, but he’s not from the Beaujolais. He's from Chablis, but he went to Moulin-a-Vent because of the potential.

Domaine Thierry Mortet

We first met Thierry Mortet at one of the early editions of the ‘Grands Jours de Bourgogne’ where the tasting was of the two distinct village appellation zones on either side of the Combe Lavaux.

Domaine Thierry Richoux

On slopes above the Yonne river valley, 15 km from Chablis, a handful of winemakers are cultivating a reputation for red Burgundy at the northernmost limit of possibility.

Domaine William Nahan

Situated in a converted mill house at the foot of the Grand Cru vineyards and a few steps from the center of Chablis, the Domaine du Chardonnay is a joint effort of three Chablis winemakers.

Jean Dauvissat Pere et Fils

There’s a new kid on the block. And it’s exciting news for Elden. Fabien Dauvissat (no, not that Dauvissat) has made some radical changes in his father’s considerable Chablis domain.

Jean-Claude Rateau

Jean-Claude Rateau, who has arguably the most famous mustache in Burgundy, is incontestably the godfather and guru of biodynamic wine farming here in the region. When, in 1979, Jean-Claude converted his then 5 acres of vines to biodynamic production, he was the first.

Maison Capitain-Gagnerot

Of all the introductions to winemakers that we’ve had over the years, none was more fortuitous than the day we met Roger Capitain. He was our first mentor, and we spent many an hour leaning on a barrel in his cellars.

Maison Marchand-Tawse

The story of Marchand-Tawse begins with the extraordinary story of Pascal Marchand, the French Canadian, who in 1985 at 22 years old, took the reins of the Clos des Epeneaux in Pommard.

Julien Cruchandeau

We first met Julien Cruchandeau in November 2018 at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bouzeron getting its village appellation. Julien started making wine in 2003, and was one of the pioneers of Bouzeron.

Elden Hospices de Beaune

One of the dreams of any Burgundy lover is to one day raise a paddle at the Hospices de Beaune Charity Wine Auction and buy a legend.

Hospices de Nuits

Hospices de Nuits-Saint-Georges was a leprosy hospital, opened in 1270 and completely destroyed during the civil and religious wars of the late 16th century.

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