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Elden Selections How We Do It

We Find Great Winemakers with Passion, Patience, and Attention to Detail

How We Do It

Start with ripe, healthy grapes. Keep your winery clean. Follow a few basic procedures. Keep your eyes open. Be patient.

What they won’t tell you is that while it might not be complicated, it’s by no means easy. Every step along the way – in the vineyard, in the winery, in the cellar — is crucial. Good wine requires attention to detail. Great winemakers are perfectionists.

So we have always been flattered when winemakers of the caliber you will find here in Elden Selections let us present their wines here on It’s no exaggeration to say that, for many of them, their tiny production is like a child that they have reared and nourished and sent out into the world, never to return. Visit our winemakers.

Naturally we feel a huge sense of responsibility. A responsibility to put these wines into the hands of people like you who will understand them and appreciate their rarity. In this age of mass production, Burgundy remains a bastion of excellence. 

Elden Selections is here to defend that. And we do so by imitating the producers themselves. Keep it simple. Pay attention to details. We like to think that the same care that went into producing these wines continues when they become Elden Selections.

And a lot goes in to becoming an Elden Selection.

We follow the harvest. We taste the wine in the cellar before bottling, then again after bottling when it has had a chance to calm down. We then take it home and taste again in private. If then we decide that it has potential, we buy some for our cellar and serve it to our friends. That’s when it un-officially becomes an Elden Selection.

And from that point on, from the moment it leaves the producer’s cellar here in Burgundy until it arrives at your door, no detail is overlooked. And that assures us that our winemaker friends approve of how we treat their precious irreplaceable wine.

It all comes down to respect. Respect for the people. Respect for the work. Respect for Burgundy and its traditions. For the wine. For you.


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