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Elden Selections Domaine Michel Arcelain

Domaine Michel Arcelain


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  • Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay ‘Les Chavey’
  • Bourgogne ‘Les Crenilles’
  • Bourgogne ‘Les Lormes’
  • Bourgogne ‘Les Petits Seurets’
  • Pommard ‘Clos Beaudier’
  • Pommard ‘Les Noizons’
  • Pommard ‘La Combotte’
  • Pommard ‘Les Perrieres’
  • Pommard ‘La Levriere’
  • Pommard 1er Cru ‘Charmots’
  • Beaune ‘Siserpe’
  • Beaune 1er Cru ‘Clos des Mouches’

Domaine Michel Arcelain

From the Domaine: "In 1889, Jules Arcelain took over the family farm and modified the plots during the phylloxera crisis. He replanted the famous grafted grape varieties; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. He then transmitted his know-how, his knowledge, and his terroir to his son who in turn passed it on to his children. The plot has therefore evolved over time and generations. Michel Arcelain and his wife Marie-Madeleine have then operated the domain for many years.

Today, the estate is operated by their grandson Pierre Arcelain since 2020 with his wife Charlotte. We produce approximately 20 000 bottles per year. We have different appellations : Bourgogne Côte d'Or "Chardonnay", Bourgogne Côte d'Or "Pinot noir", Beaune village, Beaune "Premier Cru", Pommard village and Pommard "Premier cru". We are committed to a reasoned culture from the vine to the wines. To best preserve our terroir and the authenticity of our wines, we pay particular attention to the work of the soil which is carried out by plowing throughout the year. In order to have an optimal quality, we harvest our grapes manually and we sort them to keep the best bunches.

Our philosophy includes an alliance of traditional and modern methods to produce the most natural wine possible. Concerning the vinification, it's traditional from burgundy, 100% destemmed and 15 days of vatting. We do 1 pigeage and 1 remontage per day to extract colors and tannins. Concerning the ageing, for best represent the wine, we don't use only new oak. we want to add some new barrels depending on the wine, but we also would like to keep the real nature of the appellation. we keep barrels around 15 years. We use oak barrels made in Burgundy with oak trees of France. All our red wines are aged during 20 months in oak barrels (barrels of 228 liters).

Our white wine is aged in a concrete egg for 12 months. The particular shape of this vat creates a perpetual and circular movement of the lees during ageing. The lees are thus constantly in suspension. Concrete is a neutral material and allows micro-oxygenation like oak barrels. This therefore makes it possible to preserve the authenticity of the taste of the fruit and the terroir."

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