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Elden Selections

Elden Selections
August 12, 2021 | Elden Selections


The new Burgundy Wine Club, run by the team at Elden Selections, has a simple mission – but one that has a particular resonance in the current climate. Their aim is to have fun with family and friends in the world of wine – and they will deliver on this promise with an innovative and rewarding journey that’s promised to all members.  Continue »

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Elden Selections
August 2, 2021 | Elden Selections


There’s a lot to think about when pairing food and red wine – especially when you’re cooking fish. Yes, you read that right – red wine with fish. It’s true that the received wisdom still often says only white wine should be served with fish. But in fact, there are many great red wines which can be drunk with fish – a whole other world of taste sensations that you may not have considered yet. Fish can have delicate, nuanced flavors and can risk being overpowered, so some care is needed. Read on for some helpful tips and examples of red wine and fish pairings!  Continue »

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