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Elden Selections

Elden Selections
July 22, 2022 | Elden Selections

Chilling Wine

Chilling wine The wine enthusiast is constantly learning, (whether they know it or not!) – that’s part of the fun of the hobby. Maybe you didn’t know that red wines can be paired with fish dishes or perhaps you’ve not yet tried chilling a red wine just as you would do a white? As seasons change...  Continue »

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Elden Selections
July 14, 2022 | Elden Selections

Why choose Burgundy, part 4 – The History

Why choose Burgundy? It’s a simple question. With so many wines on offer from all around the world, it’s a question some may find themselves asking. The answer—or rather, answers—will take us on a journey of discovery from the Kings, Dukes and thirsty monks of the Burgundian past to the colorful characters of the present day...  Continue »

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