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Virtual Tasting
Hosted by Stephen Lenahan

When there is something to celebrate, we naturally look for sparkling wines. France, of all the countries in the world which produce sparkling wine, is often claimed to be the actual (and spiritual) home of sparkling wines. Whether on purpose or by accident, it’s thought that the first sparkling wine was made in 1531 by Benedictine monks, just south of Carcassonne. The Champagne region perfected the technique, and Burgundy now produces its own sparkling Crémants to rival its more well-known cousins.

Some of the questions we will be addressing...

* The history of sparkling wine in France
* How we met these producers and what we saw in their wines
* The specific plots and the vinification method
* Information on 'Vintage' and 'Non-vintage' sparkling wine
* The character of each wine
* The structure of each wine
* The drinking window of these wines and how they will age
* Other Elden Selection wines where you could explore terroir with friends and family.

2 bottle set includes one of each:

Pierre Brigandat Champagne Brut Tradition
Firstly, this is a well-made wine, then, the character of a second fermentation adds complexity. Light golden hue and persistent effervescence gives you a hint of what to expect.

Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne 'Les Reipes'
This exceptional terroir of 1.55 hectare inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2015 is located on the south-facing slopes of the village of Saint-Aubin at an altitude of around 350 meters. This Cuvée, called Les Reipes, is a Louis Picamelot’s interpretation of a Blanc de Blancs that is distinguished by its precision and great purity, resulting from a perfectionism and a constant search for refinement.

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