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A bottle of Nuits-St-Georges wine sitting atop a barrel.
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Nuits-Saint-Georges gives its name to the Cotes de Nuits, the northernmost part of the Cote d'Or and a rival to Beaune as a center of the business of wine in Burgundy. It is a lively wine sitting on either side of the base of the beautiful Vallerots combe and the Meuzin river. Its patron saint, Georges, gives his name to the most famous vineyard of the appellation, which in turn became part of the hyphenated town name in the 19th century. The appellation Nuits-Saint Georges is really two distinct zones, divided by the town itself on either side of the Meuzin valley. The northern part extends as far as the border of Vosne-Romanée, and the southern section lies partly in Nuits-Saint-Georges and partly in the commune of Premeaux. The wines from the vineyards of Premeaux are considered to be lighter than the rest in the southern section. The richest and most highly prized of the vineyards to the south of town are the Premiers Crus that come up to the village (including 'Les Saint Georges' itself) To the north, the Premiers Crus lie in a band that stretches to the borders with Vosne-Romanee, and show a lot of the finesse associated with the wines of Vosne.

White Wines

White wines from Nuits-St-Georges are much rarer than red wines, but they have the quality to make them worth seeing out. They can be opulent, and make an excellent match with grilled shellfish, cheesy dishes or grilled sea-fish. These wines have a beautiful golden color, and can be dense, floral, biscuity and honeyed. Around 10 hectares of land here produce white grapes, whilst the remaining 298 hectares produce red grapes.

Red Wines

Powerful and structured, this is the wine that gives the Côte de Nuits its reputation as full-bodied and sturdy. The color should be brilliant crimson with a bouquet of roses and liquorice. You get that Cotes de Nuits black cherry in youth with strawberry and blackcurrant in the mix, and the usual Pinot Noir secondary aromas with age. The southern wines are more muscular and full-bodied, while the wines on the Vosne side show more restraint and elegance. Red wines from this region go well with any full-flavored meat. Game, especially, is often mentioned with mature wines from Nuits. Locals will serve it with river fish in red wine sauces. Soft-centered cheeses in the style of Époisses, Langres or Soumaintrain are the classic combination.

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