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Elden Selections Saint Romain

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Saint Romain

An expanse of colorful vineyards in Saint Romain, Burgundy, France.
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Saint Romain

The village appellation of Saint Romain is technically part of the Cote de Beaune, although it’s situated in an isolated valley to the north of the Cote d’Or’s main escarpment. The view from Saint-Romain is impressive, taking in the Saône River and vineyards below – and it has made this spot popular with settlers since prehistoric times. Consequently, the vines here were amongst the first to be planted in Burgundy, in the narrow valley west of Auxey-Duresses. There are no Premiers or Grands Crus here—the only village appellation without either—but you’ll frequently see wines mention the name of the single plot they originate from, and these are often prestigious and well-known in their own right. The terroir (soil and rock) here changes distinctly as you move up the valley towards the village. Travelling from Auxey-Duresses, the left-hand side is more suited to Pinot Noir. The south-facing right side is given over to the village vineyards, where the terroir is more apt to produce Chardonnay. And though it was historically known as a white wine region, today red wine accounts for almost half of production (45%).

White Wines

Traditionally, Saint Romain was white, but producers have found parcels that work well for Pinot, so that today white accounts for about 55% of the production. Chardonnay benefits from a rich vein of limestone here that gives Saint Romain whites a distinctive freshness in their minerality. Lemony notes are frequently lime tinted. And white floral notes are common. The freshness in the minerality of Saint Romain white makes it a perfect aperitif wine. But it also lends itself to preparations similar to those you choose for Chablis. Escargot, goat cheese, shellfish in general and oysters in particular.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir shows itself as ruby red in youth with red fruit notes of raspberry and cherry. These wines drink well young, especially in riper years, with forward fruit and spicy mineral notes. They have aging potential up to 10 years. Saint Romain reds can be elegant and velvety, but are often most appreciated for the lustiness of youth. Perfumed and spicy, they go well with white meats and veal, and roasted birds.

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