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Hospices Stay

Hospices Stay at Domaine de Cromey



The Hospices de Beaune auction takes place every year on the third Sunday of November in Beaune. 

Perhaps the best way to participate in these famous auctions, is to come to see for yourself. And live in the lap of luxury at the Domaine de Cromey.

We are offering a long-weekend of intensive wine fun in the heart of Burgundy. This year, the Hospices de Nuits auction is from Thursday March 7 through to Monday March 11. 

We’ll take you inside the Wine Auction, one of the world’s great wine events, and the festivities that accompany it. It's exclusive. It’s all-inclusive. And don’t be surprised if you get your picture in the paper!

We’ll do tastings in the cellars, tastings in the vineyards, tastings with the professionals and tastings with the locals as they celebrate in the streets. And think of the food. The cuisine at Cromey. The Hospices banquet. The best of Burgundian fare in the streets of Nuits St Georges.

All this while we are planning what barrels to buy on the Sunday. Come immerse yourself in the world of Burgundy Wine. We’ll show you how. And we’ll show you the time of your life.

We are almost full for this year but don’t worry, we still have some availability for the November 2024 Hospices de Beaune auction and we are opening bookings for the March 2025 Hospices de Nuits auction. Contact us for more information.


Typical Itinerary for the Hospices Famous Wine Auction Event 

The Hospices de Beaune takes place on the third Sunday of every NOVEMBER.


15h10 Arrival Le Creusot TGV > 16h Cromey 
18H Tasting at Domaine Borgeot of our 2023 Hospices barrels 
Cromey cellar tasting of past Elden Hospices purchases
Welcome Dinner at Cromey 


10H Visit Hotel Dieu in Beaune
Lunch Volnaysienne
14H30 Professional tasting at Hospice Cuverie
Vineyard Tasting Grand Cru Corton Charlemagne on the Corton Mountain
Dinner Cromey


10H30 Vineyard Tasting 
Lunch Street Food and Festival in Beaune
Free time / shopping
Afternoon planning session of wines we want to bid on 
Cromey Tasting Room tasting
Dinner Cromey


Brunch before the auction event 
14H Auction! (begins at 14h... then all day)
Dinner Cromey


Departure after breakfast 


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