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Three bottles of Jean Merechal Mercurey wine lined up diagonally on a wooden table.
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Mercurey, situated in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise (12 kilometres from Chalon-sur-Saône) is one the foremost appellations of Bourgogne. Protected from moisture-bearing winds, tucked away in its hillsides or stretched along the aptly named Val d’Or (Golden Valley) the vineyards stretch as far as the neighboring village of Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu. Mercurey is the largest town and easily the best-known appellation of this region, making up two out of three bottles of Côte Chalonnaise red. Mercurey reds are a deep, profound ruby, whilst the whites are a beautiful gold. The soils here are generally a mixture of limey white earth and red clay, and in such terroir the vines grow exceptionally well. There has been an explosion of Premier Cru vineyards around Mercurey so there are plenty of exceptional wines to discover, some with great aging potential.

White Wines

Mercurey is a typical Chardonnay gold, it varies in its degree of paleness and is flecked with green. It has floral aromas mayflower and acacia, with, hazelnut, almond, and cinnamon and pepper spice). A touch of flint is a trademark of this wine. Its spicy and floral bouquet and juicy appeal let it partner grilled fish or fish in sauce, cooked seafood, Asian cuisine, and hard cheeses. White Mercurey can also make an excellent aperitif.

Red Wines

Mercurey red is a deep, profound ruby. This crisp wine evokes strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. Age brings in notes of underbrush, spicy tobacco notes and cocoa beans. The palate is rich, full-bodied, and chewy. In its youth, the tannins of this wine lend it a mineral firmness. When aged, it is attractively rounded. Rich, meaty and solidly put together, Mercurey brings out the best from beef rib steaks, or joints of beef or lamb, braised or in sauce. Roast pork is well suited to its rich aromas, as are poultry-based stews. Exotic dishes likewise are good partners for this wine. As for the cheeseboard, this wine harmonizes equally well with either mild, soft cheeses or aged versions.

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