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Elden Selections Dessert


Recipes - Dessert

Fresh Apricot and Pistachio Cake
I love the combination of fresh apricot and raw green pistachio nuts. I often serve warm sautéed apricots with a scoop of pistachio ice cream for a quick simple dessert. In this recipe the nuts are coarsely chopped to line the baking pan and top the cake for a crunchy texture.
A Paris-Brest is a french dessert made from choux pastry filled with praline flavoured cream.
Tea Store Cupboard Truffles
Delicious, stunning, gluten and dairy free truffles made from just three ingredients: chocolate, tea, and water.
Warm Vine Peach Soup with Irancy Wine
Peche de Vigne is a variety of red-fleshed, late-ripening, flavorful peach. Called such because it’s sometimes grown among the vines, it also goes by the name ‘peche sanguine’


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