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Decorative stone sign that says Pommard in front of a vast sky in Burgundy, France.
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Pommard lies between Beaune and Volnay where the Côte de Beaune makes a slight turn towards the Morvan. After Beaune, it is one of the larger vineyards. There are no grands crus, though there is a perennial debate about which of the best vineyards should be promoted. As in many of the best wine villages, the appellation is split by a combe with the village lying in the mouth of the valley. So here in Pommard, we speak of the north (Beaune) side vineyards and the south (Volnay) side vineyards. And that goes some way to explaining Pommard styles. But Pommard has a quirk: its best vineyards are not necessarily all situated on slopes. In fact many are in the flatland north of the village.

  • Red wines only - Pinot Noir
  • Production surface area
    • 1 hectare (ha) = 2.4 acres
    • 321.69 ha (including 122.31 ha Premier Cru)

White Wines


Red Wines

Pommard has a reputation, forged in the 19th century, of being a massive beast of a wine. But look where it sits, between the south of Beaune and Volnay. Time, terroir and oenology have combined to show us a much more subtle Pommard, a wine that is richer and at the same time more elegant than its caricature. It can be deeply colored, and its berry fruit can be supported by cherry pit and plum. And yes it can develop wild aromas and chocolaty textures, but it will never be a tannic giant, but rather a full and gutsy, mouthwateringly rich, fruit-filled nugget.

On the lower slopes and flat ground, the soil is ancient alluvium. Mid-slope, the clay-limestone soils are well drained thanks to the inclusion of rock debris. Higher still are jurassic oxfordian marls, brown calcic soils, and brown limestone soils. In places, the soil is red with iron. Exposures are south or east, and altitudes range between 250 to 330 meters.

Pommard's density is perhaps its most important feature when combining with food. Most will tell you that because it is so massive, it should be served with game. And is some cases this is correct. But you will find that braised and stewed meat and poultry work well, and the finesse of the wine can accent the rusticity of a simple stew. It is a natural partner for flavorful cheeses Époisses, Langres and Soumaintrain, but also Comté.

Premier Cru

Produced only in the commune of Pommard, appellation Pommard includes 28 premiers crus. The following climats are classified as premier cru:

  • Clos Blanc
  • Clos de la Commaraine
  • Clos de Verger
  • Clos des Epeneaux
  • Derrière Saint-Jean
  • En Largillière
  • La Chanière
  • La Platière
  • La Refène
  • Le Clos Micot
  • Le Village
  • Les Arvelets
  • Les Bertins
  • Les Boucherottes
  • Les Chanlins-Bas
  • Les Chaponnières
  • Les Charmots
  • Les Combes Dessus
  • Les Croix Noires
  • Les Fremiers
  • Les Grands Epenots
  • Les Jarolières
  • Les Petits Epenots
  • Les Pézerolles
  • Les Poutures
  • Les Rugiens Bas
  • Les Rugiens Hauts
  • Les Saussilles
Lieu Dit

The following climats are village wines from a single vineyard, know as a lieu-dit:

  • Chaffaud
  • Clos Beauder
  • Derrière Saint-Jean
  • En Boeuf
  • En Brescul
  • En Chiveau
  • En Mareau
  • En Moigelot
  • La Chanière
  • La Combotte
  • La Croix Blanche
  • La Croix PlanetLa Levrière
  • La Plante aux Chèvres
  • La Vache
  • Le Bas des Saussilles
  • Le Poisot
  • Les Chanlins-Bas
  • Les Chanlins-Hauts
  • Les Combes Dessous
  • Les Cras
  • Les Lambots
  • Les Noizons
  • Les Perrières
  • Les Petits Noizons
  • Les Riottes
  • Les Tavannes
  • Les Vaumuriens-Bas
  • Les Vaumuriens-Hauts
  • Les Vignots
  • Rue au Porc
  • Trois Follots
  • Village
Grand Cru


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