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A worker standing in front of a beautiful harvest of Aligote grapes, staring off into the distance.
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When it comes to the wines of the small village of Bouzeron in the Côte Chalonnaise, in northern Saône-et-Loire, you find you are quite literally looking for gold – for here, unlike almost anywhere else in Burgundy, they grow Aligoté grapes which ripen into doré Aligoté – golden Aligoté. The skin of these grapes is very fine and has a lustre which hints at its value. It’s a genuinely well-kept secret of Burgundy, this anomaly of Aligoté, and the relatively low yields mean you’re getting a wine which is the result of decades of testing, trying and patience. The terroir is perfect here, with the slopes of the valley having just the right balance of marly soils which are not too rich, meaning yields can be controlled. Vines are also grown using a pruning method known as en goblette, (shaped like a goblet), which allows easier regulation of the sap, and a better quality of grape overall. Bouzeron is a close neighbor of Rully and Chassagne-Montrachet.

White Wines

Bouzeron has a pale gold color, slightly green, which can go towards pale straw. The nose evokes acacia and other white flowers. Flinty mineral aromas and lemony acidity are its classic bouquet. A touch of honey, sometimes. On the palate, it’s round and robust. Because the wines of Bouzeron have such an enchanting combination of elegance and sprightliness, they go well with a remarkable array of foods. Oysters are enhanced by them; salty fish and shellfish are matched by their minerality; poultry or game in cream sauce is richly complemented; and so are pastries and cheeses like Citeaux and Comté.

Red Wines

There are no red Bouzeron wines, only white.

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