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Offering this year’s first pre-sale of sparkling wines! This shipment is on the water now and will arrive in late February. These are exciting wines in limited quantities, marking the beginning of a serious concentration on bubbles here at Elden. You do not want to miss this case. Receive 2 bottles of each. This will change the way you look at sparkling wine.

Champagne Gamet will blow you away with finesse. These are not champagnes as you know them—meaning, in the most philosophical way, that these are not wine with bubbles. No, the bubbles ARE the wine; and the wine, the bubbles. Intricately crafted. Soft and elegant. They will take your breath away.

Champagne Gamet Rive Gauche
Champage Gamet Rive Droite
Champagne Gamet Millesime 2013

We have searched a long time to find such a vinous and masterful expression of perfection in Champagne...with a capital C. Louis Picamelot makes the best Crémant de Bourgogne...period. No one else even comes close. These are fully vinified, real wines each in its own right. Not some acidic base wine that's been dosed and gussied and prettified. These would be great Burgundy, even without the bubbles! And every one of them is a vintage wine. Rare in Champagne; unheard of in Cremant! These are all 2018's. The 'En Chazot' and the 'Reipes' are both single-vineyard Cremants... again, unheard of elsewhere! And it's not blasphemous to say that these Cremants rival the best champagnes in quality and conception. Taste them blind and see for yourself.

Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne Rosé
Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne ‘En Chazot’
Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne ‘Les Reipes’

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