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Send the spirit of Burgundy to friends family and colleagues with a hand selected pair of two of our favorite White from our Grand Cru collection.

Capitain-Gagnerot Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2018 
The soil in the heart of Corton-Charlemagne give a unique minerality to one of the great white wines of the world. Smoky and honeyed at the same time with notes of honysuckle and lemongrass, Charlemagne has the structure and balance for aging. We assisted at a tasting some years ago, put on by the Grands Jours de Bourgogne, that featured every single producer of Corton-Charlemagne. That's right. How they organized that, we can't say. But it was, as you might imagine, memorable. And there amidst all the big names was the Capitain Corton-Charlemagne. They don't go in for hype and publicity much at Capitain-Gagnerot. But there in a hall with all of their peers, you could feel their pride and the confidence in their wine.

Jean-Jacques Girard Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 2018 
Every Corton-Charlemagne is different. It bears the mark of its producer. We can think of no other Grand Cru, white or red, that has such range and depth. You understand this viscerally once you have stood at the summit of the Corton mountain: the sweep of exposition, the tumble of the slope, the changing color of the soil. Jean-Jacques Girard's Charlemagne is impeccable, with a nose of elegant complexity of honey, nuts and flowers, soft fruits and citrus. There's power in the attack, but the finish is mineral, suave and long.  

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