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Michel Arcelain is tucked well into his 80s, though you would swear he’s 60-something. He’s fit and lean like Ghandi, with big weathered hands, colossal exuberance and enormous strength of character. With 67 harvests under his belt, the man is larger than life. And so is his wine.  Traditional style, but abounding elegance and balance. These are wines that we drink relatively young, though Michel likes them with about 15 years behind them.

The domain is made up of parcels of vines inherited from both sides of the family and over a number of generations, as well as vineyards purchased by them over the years. These vineyards (with the exception of a small parcel planted in Chardonnay) are all Pinot Noir of the highest quality, known as Pinot Fin. The selection of quality vines was primordial for the domain, and they have been cultivated like a garden since 1949.

Michael Arcelain is one of the few Burgundian producers who still retains a portion of each harvest to allow it to age properly in his cellars. For this reason, he is able to present wines with up to 10 years bottle age, the ideal age for Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Mixed case contains 6 RED bottles of each PLUS GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED:

Domaine Michel Arcelain Beaune ‘Siserpe’ 2010
A rich ruby color. There is a lovely floral aspect to the bouquet, then a generous finely tuned fruit right across the palate, offering subtle nuance. The tannins at the back are fine-boned. A wine that will appeal to those seeking for the ethereal side of Burgundy.

Domaine Michel Arcelain Pommard 'Noizons' 2010
Intense aromas of blackberry, black currant, cherries and licorice. A fist in a velvet glove, fine but dense; more structured than you sense at first. Warm and round and long.


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