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Champagne and Cremant, not just for special occasions and celebrations.  Enjoy a refreshing glass of bubbly for everyday summer enjoyment while reading a novel poolside or grilling with friends and neighbors.  This mixed case assortment includes Elden’s selection of sparkling wines PLUS Ground Shipping Included

Champagne Gamet Rive Gauche NV
Rive Gauche is a blend of the Mardeuil terroirs, a cru where 1/3 of our plots are located. Clay-limestone terroirs, rich in minerals where the three Champagne grape varieties are present. Meunier, king of the Valley, Pinot Noir, as well as Chardonnay. This cuvée, elegant and of great finesse, is introduced by notes of peach, quince, roasted almond, acacia flowers and hawthorn. A fruity and floral cuvée offering an intense clay minerality, accompanied by aromas of fleshy fruits. Exceptionally fine bubbles!

Champagne Gamet Rive Droite NV
Rive Droite is a blend of the terroirs of Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière. Damery is located on the edge of the marl, while Fleury-la-Rivière is located at the bottom of the valley, half-surrounded by the forest. Very sunny area, these terroirs suit Meunier & Pinot Noir. The soils are clay-limestone, sandy and marly. Soils of great diversity, the shoals of an ancient inland sea, rich in great biodiversity. Today, shells and other fossils make up the soils of clay-sandy areas, offering great Champagnes and intense saline wines! A fresh, fruity Champagne, supported by the roundness of Meunier, with a smooth chew on the palate.  Bright and citric.

Champagne Gamet Rose Saignee NV
The ‘enfant terrible’ of Maison Gamet.  Rosé de Saignée is like no other Rose champagne that we have ever tasted. A rosé produced by maceration of black grapes; from 24 hours to 36 hours, the grape juice flows by gravity, without pressing and without filtration; in contact with the skin of the grapes, the juice obtains a ruby color and red wine tannic aromas. Single varietal, plot and vintage, Rosé de Saignée is only produced during the best years in Champagne, because the bleeding process requires an excellent state of health of the grapes, especially the Meuniers!
A rare and exceptional wine.

Champagne Gamet Millesime 2013
Late harvest from a promising vintage! The climate of 2013 was capricious with a two-week delay in the vegetative cycles, but the harvesting conditions were excellent, with the grapes of excellent quality for vintage Champagne. The 2013 vintage offers a fresh brioche smoothness, and a creamy but razor-sharp mineral edge. accentuated by the elegance of Chardonnay.  Particularly well balanced and expressive.  Zero dosage. World class Champagne from the heart of the region.

Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne 'En Chazot' 2018
Its color is bright. The bubble is gently melted to the wine. The palate surprises with the freshness of the citrus notes, but also of red and green apple. Delicate and complex, it is the subtle balance between finesse and vinosity.

Louis Picamelot Cremant de Bourgogne Rose 2018
Dynamic, with necklace of bubbles, the pink color is soft and intense, round but brisk. Carried by the delicacy of its bubbles, this Crémant wine hints at wild strawberry aromas and offers a seductive fullness. Ideal as an aperitif, it will also be a great match with your summer grilled food and your fruit desserts.

Louis Picamelot Crémant de Bourgogne ‘Les Reipes’ 2018
Visually, its color is bright. The bubble is a gush of finesse. The freshness of the citrus notes, the complexity of the Chardonnay and and the subtle balance between delicacy and aromatic strength make this a wine more appropriate to food than to aperitif. Elegant and generous, this Crémant will be perfect for meals.

Pierre Brigandat Champagne Brut Tradition
Firstly, this is a well-made wine, then, the character of a second fermentation adds complexity.  Light golden hue and persistent effervescence gives you a hint of what to expect. The nose delivers both lime and honeysuckle blossom with a zest of lemon, you sense the complexity behind the fruit with bright mineral and saline notes. Just ripe peach and yellow plum on the palate along with the persistent floral notes, it's like an infusion of jasmin. Creamy citrus, toasted hazelnut emerge with a marly minerality underling the finish.

Domaine Borgeot Cremant de Bourgogne (2 bottles)
Don’t call it Champagne. You’ll get us in trouble. But this Borgeot Cremant de Bourgogne is produced in the very same way as those much more expensive wines that we are allowed to call Champagne. A well-made Cremant is a joy. A wine you can pull out for any occasion. And a wine which is made on a more human scale than the millions upon millions of bottles produced by our neighbors to the north. And that’s reason enough to celebrate!

Domaine Royet Cremant Nature NV (2 bottles)
Grape variety: 40% Chardonnay 15% Aligoté 40% Pinot Noir 5% Gamay
Fine, pearly bubbles, well integrated into a vinous balanced wine, this non-dosed extra brut character gives this cuvée great aromatic purity.

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