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In Burgundy, more so than other regions, a significant amount of the nature and character (and price) of the wine is dictated by the terroir. No other French wine-growing region can be said to rely on geology as much for its reputation. Here, the soil in plots can vary from yard to yard, so that you may be walking on village-level vines with one footstep, and Premier Cru with the next.

The different types of soil impart subtle changes to a wine’s acidity, sweetness, minerality, body and a range of other factors. So next time you take a stroll in wine country, think about the earth you’re walking on – and let nature show you your favorite wines’ natural habitat, and why they flourish there.

The producers that Elden Selection work with make wines from a diverse range of soil types, such as limestone, clay, sandy, and gravel. As with all things in the world of wine, experimentation is the way to really learn, and there’s no substitute for trying wines from a variety of terroir to discover your favorites. See our Blog for more information on the topic of terroir.

Explore terroir and discover your favorites with this 12 bottle case. Includes 3 bottles of each WHITE PLUS Ground Shipping Included

Domaine Jean Fery Bourgogne ‘Les Montatines’ Blanc 2017
Pure deep fruit, rounded with just enough oak to make your mouth water. Floral and citric, but mouth-filling and long.

Giles Bouton Meursault 1er Cru 'Blagny' 2018
Rich citrus fruit with firm acidity; ripe with a good cut of minerality. Powerful, but not heavy. It’s very structured, with balance born of acidity and minerality

Domaine Borgeot Puligny-Montrachet ' Vieilles Vignes' 2018
The ‘Golden triangle’ of great white Burgundy is Meursault, Chassagne-Montrachet and, arguably the finest of the three, Puligny-Montrachet. This single-vineyard  village appellation is a wine of great finesse and elegance.  Pure and bright, with glints of white gold. Orchard blossoms and peaches make the bouquet.  Silky and long, ending on both flowers and fruit.

Agnes Paquet Chassagne-Montrachet 'Les Battaudes' 2018
A single vineyard Chassagne, from a vineyard just below the premier cru ‘Morgeot’, this is a deep rich wine from a clay soil. Great earthy texture, but at the same time airy and elegant.  The finish is long and complex.


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