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A Burgundian dynamic duo, if ever there was one. From two different Grand Cru vineyards, just over the wall and across the lane one from the other.

Capitain Gagnerot Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 'Quartier de Marei Haut' 2019
Capitain Gagnerot Echezeaux Grand Cru 'En Orveaux' 2019  

Rare?  We have 12 bottles of each.
We are offering a bottle of each for $598

The pairing of these two different but nearly contiguous vineyards makes them all the more precious.Here's a chance to compare and contrast Burgundy royalty: same producer, same vintage, Grand Cru vineyards across the road from one another. 

With over 120 acres planted and around 50 producers, the Clos Vougeot is the largest single grand cru (if not largest vineyard!) in Burgundy.  Because of its deep roots in Burgundian tradition, the walled-in Clos has always been considered an integral whole.  But of course it is not.  Only certain sections actually merit Grand Cru status. So let the buyer beware! But the small parcel that Maison Capitain owns is in the heart of the Quartier de Marei Haut, touching on Grands Echezeaux (on the other side of the wall!) making it one of the best parcels in the whole of Clos Vougeot; a true Clos Vougeot

And just on the other side of the Clos Vougeot wall is Grand Cru Echezeaux 'en Orveaux' a mythical and rarely seen vineyard, which in the right hands nears perfection. Intense and alive with black cherry and cacao, it is fine and velvety and finishes on dark bitter chocolate. The vineyard is relatively new to the Maison Capitain, but their long experience with a classy holding in the Clos Vougeot puts them squarely in the neighborhood. It's the jewel in the Capitain crown. 

Be among the few who have ever had the chance to taste these two grandest of Grand Cru side by side.

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