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Have you noticed it yet? There is a renaissance going on in Beaujolais. It’s a backlash to all the insanity of the Beaujolais Nouveau years. Seriously, what other wine region promotes itself with its basest product? Well, Beaujolais does; and it’s still flogging it. But there is light on the horizon, and a new generation is fighting back. We bring you four bijou wines from one of the brightest stars in this new constellation of Beaujolais winemakers. These are hand-made Beaujolais wines from a producer whose name you should note. World-class wine for a song!

This Beaujolais Mixed Red Case includes 3 bottles of each PLUS GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED:

  • Richard Rottiers Cru de Beaujolais Moulin a Vent 2019
  • Richard Rottiers Beaujolais Villages 2018
  • Richard Rottiers Beaujolais Villages 2019
  • Richard Rottiers Beaujolais Villages 2020
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