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Elden Selections

Elden Selections
October 21, 2022 | Elden Selections


The history of wine in Burgundy is almost indistinguishable from that of the royalty and nobility of this ancient land. Take the village of Aloxe-Corton, for example. First mentioned in 696, it has an almost mystical appeal...  Continue »

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Elden Selections
May 27, 2022 | Elden Selections

Côte de Beaune

In Burgundy, the name of the wine grower counts for as much as the vineyard, which is why they have a saying here – ‘there are no great wines, only great bottles of wine.’ This is true for the whole region, but especially so in the very heart of Bourgogne – the Côte d’Or (comprised of the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits).  Continue »

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Elden Selections
May 14, 2022 | Elden Selections

The Côte de Nuits – great wines, in a nutshell…

The Côte de Nuits is known for world-class Pinot Noir wines – it’s a cornucopia of superb reds (and a very few great whites), a jewel in the Burgundian crown, and many other superlatives – but in case you are practicing your French, it’s got nothing to do with the night-time. In fact, there is some debate as to...  Continue »

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