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Elden Selections

Elden Selections
May 20, 2021 | Regions of Burgundy | Elden Selections


Beaune – the eponymous heart of both the Côte de Beaune and the wider Burgundy region – has always represented everything good about the wines and wonders of this hallowed ground. Lately, however, the reputation of other villages has grown, just as the popularity and cache of Burgundy has spread all around the world. In fact, it’s usually the vineyards of these villages that become famous now, more than the places themselves. True wine lovers understand that it’s the soil in these plots of land – the famous terroir – that really define Burgundy and the wines it produces. 

Looking at a modern map of the Côte de Beaune, you notice the mountains and major communes, but it’s easy to forget the numerous smaller villages and vineyards – from Village up to Grand Cru – and each one with its own unique history, personality and reputation. Anyone lucky enough to climb to the summit of the Corton mountain north of Beaune can take in the eastern view of Aloxe-Corton and Ladoix; Pernand-Vergelesses on the other side; Savigny-les-Beaune in the distance. 


We might talk in broad terms about wines from Pommard, or Volnay, or Meursault – and the road maps read like a wine list, for sure. But the terroir these villages stand on, and the vines they have raised, is what keeps visitors and fans of the region coming back for more. Where does Pommard end and Volnay begin? That’s easy. You can taste it. Each represents a plethora of vineyards, all waiting to be discovered. And it’s always been Elden Selection’s mission in life to help with that discovery. 

Pommard’s reputation, which grew in the 1800s, is of a big beast of a wine. But look a little deeper; let time, terroir and oenology show you another picture of it, a much subtler Pommard, more elegant than the Pommard spoken about of old. You’ll get the deep colors, the berry fruit – especially cherries. Wild aromas and a texture like chocolate are there, too, but they don’t mean this is a tannic giant – rather, it’s like a rich, fruit-filled nugget. 

Why not take a trip to Pommard? (visiting us at the Domaine de Cromey too, of course!) You’ll find the village between Beaune and Volnay, so there’s plenty to see and do. Although there are no Grand Crus here, the debate about which vineyards should have their statuses promoted rages on. The appellation is split by a combe, as is common with many of the greatest wine villages, which often nestle in the mouth of a valley. This sort of geography also comes in handy when we’re describing the different wine personalities of Pommard; the north (Beaune) vineyards and the southern (Volnay) ones. But geography alone can’t describe the complexity of this place; not all of its best vineyards are on these slopes, many are found on the flatter land to the north of the village. And check out the largest walled-in Premier Cru vineyards on the whole of Burgundy whilst you’re in Pommard – the Chateau de Pommard. 

If you are looking for the real deal in Pommard then be sure to sample the wines of the Domaine Albert BoillotMarchand-TawsePotinet-Ampeau, and Michel Arcelain. Follow this link to see our collection of Cote de Beaune wines


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