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Bresaola with Fresh Goat Cheese and Marinated Vegetables
Bresaola is eaten everywhere in Italy, but we bring it back with us to Burgundy whenever we can. It is usually served simply with arugula, shavings of parmesan, a little lemon and olive oil.
Cantal Cheese and Tomato Tart
Cantal is a fruity cow's milk cheese coming from the Auvergne region of France. It's delicious as a table cheese but also has a great melting quality which is why it makes the perfect base for ripe garden tomatoes. The addition of a good brushing of tangy Dijon mustard directly on the uncooked pastry gives it a Burgundian twist. One important counsel with this tart is to salt the tomato slices as least 1/2 hour before assembly. Otherwise they will exude too much juice and the crust will be soggy. The tart can be assembled and baked on a solid rectangle baking sheet or in a round fluted tart pan with removable bottom.
Citrus Cured Duck Breast with a Grapefruit, Fennel and Hazelnut Salad
This curing of duck breast is similar to curing salmon for gravlax. The best kind of duck breast, called magret, is thick and very meaty. Perfect for this recipe.
Crab Salad with Chili Mint Vinaigrette
Here’s a cool and zippy summer salad which brings a tear to our eyes. After all these year we still get emotional when anyone mentions crab.
Cured Salmon with Trio of Fennel
This is perfect for a dinner party because much of the preparation is beforehand. The curing of the salmon results in a beautiful texture, colour and flavour.
Foie Gras with Cassis and Dill
Here we combine several Burgundian flavors — the sweet fruit of the blackcurrant jelly, the exotic spices of the pain d’épices and the richness of the foie gras — for a surprising burst on the palate. Look for foie gras called ‘entier mi-cuit’
Garden Vegetable Ragoût with Garlic & Crispy Ham
It is very important with this recipe that you use only the freshest garden vegetables. I make this salad here in June when new potatoes,
Gratin of Zucchini Flowers
The garden rules the seasons. So summer has officially begun here in Burgundy: we cut the first zucchini a little while back. We take the earliest ones no larger than a finger, and the young plants seem to love it, bursting with vigor and momentum.
Oeufs en Meurette  Poached Eggs in a Red Wine Sauce.
This is the best known of the red wine meurette sauce recipes, propably because it is such an unusual combination: poached eggs in a red wine sauce. Served with pearl onions and bacon 'lardons' over a garlic crouton, it's a seductive classic.
Phyllo Wrapped Lamb Noisettes with Goat Cheese
These little ‘packets’ are pieces of lamb tenderloin wrapped in phyllo pastry. They can be assembled ahead of time and roasted for 20 minutes just before serving.
Pickled Red Cabbage and Cherry Salad
This pickled cabbage is good all on its own, but when cherries are in season they make the salad even more interesting. We like to serve this on a summer buffet table with grilled chicken.
Roasted Quail with Cromey Garden Vegetables
Wild local Quail, roasted and served with walnuts, leek, red chard, pear and sloe berries, all produced on the grounds of Domaine de cromey
Scallops with Nori and Ginger-Soy Beurre Blanc
Scallops come into season just in time for Thanksgiving and this is a great recipe for the holidays. Many wines on our list would work, this time we chose Champagne and Crémant, although a Chablis or Vézelay would also work beautifully.
Shallot, Leek & Époisses Cheese Tart
In French, it's Tarte aux Echalotes et a L’Époisses. People who live around the village of Burgundian village of Epoisses will tell you unequivocally that there is no better cheese on earth than ‘their’ Epoisses. And we heartily agree....
Snail Ravioli in a White Wine, Garlic and Herb Bouillon
The consumption of snails in Europe has a long and, admittedly, dry history covering, according to some, 10,000 years and any number of species.
Snails with a Parsley Puree and Tomato Coulis
A classic Burgundian ingredient, snails !! No need to be afraid, they are tasty and here we cook them so simply, complimented by both parsley and tomato.
Spring Salad with Garlic Cream, Poached Egg and Ham Powder
Assiette de Printemps a la crème d’Ail et a L’oeuf Poché We make this salad when the season’s first fresh peas and fat white asparagus stalks arrive on market stalls. A perfect Sunday brunch dish!
Turnip Soup with a Mirepoix of Snails
Velouté de navets à la Mirepoix D’Escargots. This mirepoix (a very fine dice of mixed vegetables and herbs), made mostly of carrots, cabbage and mushroom, gives an earthy quality to this soup, which heightens the mineral, gravely flavors of the snails.
Warm Beef Carpaccio with Gorgonzola
This tenderloin carpaccio is served warm…and just warm, not cooked. This makes the meat meltingly tender and releases flavors. Serve with the tomato salad below for a wonderful summertime meal.
Warm Citeaux Salad with a Walnut and Verjus Vinaigrette
Made by the monks at the Abbey of Cîteaux near Nuits Saint Georges, Cîteaux is one of our favorite Burgundy cheeses. Made from organic cow’s milk, it has a true taste of green pastures.
Warm Fava Beans and Peas with Goat Cheese
This simple springtime salad should be made from garden fresh vegetables at their peak. Use top quality extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel salt and freshly ground quality pepper to make the ingredients sing.


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