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Elden Selections Juicy, Floral Red

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Juicy, Floral Red

Juicy, Floral

The differences between a Big Bold red Burgundy and a Juicy Floral one are most often due to 'terroir'. There are vineyards whose soils naturally produce earthy animal notes, and those that produce softer floral expressions.

When you are looking for juicy and floral, think Beaune or Volnay (not Pommard), think Givry (not Mercurey). Often, neighboring villages will produce very different styles of wine. This is the beauty of Burgundy and its 'terroir': from the same grape and in the same year you can find as many different expressions of Pinot Noir as there are individual vineyards.

And what's more, there are as many different expressions of Pinot Noir as there are winemakers. If you find a wine that you really like, try other wines from the same winemaker. Chances are that you may find different styles of wine made by the same producer, but you can rest assured that a good winemaker will make a 'Juicy Floral' Pinot just as well as a 'Big Bold' one.

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