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Pierre Brigandat Champagne Brut Tradition

Champagne and Cremant
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Firstly, this is a well-made wine, then, the character of a second fermentation adds complexity.

Light golden hue and persistent effervescence gives you a hint of what to expect.

The nose delivers both lime and honeysuckle blossom with a zest of lemon, you sense the complexity behind the fruit with bright mineral and saline notes.

Just ripe peach and yellow plum on the palate along with the persistent floral notes, it's like an infusion of jasmin. Creamy citrus, toasted hazelnut emerge with a marly minerality underling the finish.

It has taken the world a long time to look, and even longer to see what can be done in the southern extremities of the Champagne region. But eyes are wide open these days as young producers like Bertrand Brigandat are in the forefront of a small-production Champagne revolution. This Brut Tradition is an ‘assemblage’ of Pinot Noir cuvees. 25% is from their Cuvee Reserve, wine from previous vintages set aside for blending purposes.
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