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Producers like Bertrand Brigandat are in the forefront of a small-production revolution in the southernmost part Champagne.  We've known Bertrand since the paper-copy newsletter debut of Elden Selection, and we have seen him grow from a pioneer to a locomotive in the Aube region of Champagne. Extraordinary quality.  Real wine. NOT that cardboard, yeasty, acid stuff that the big Champagne Houses foist upon the market by the millions of bottles.

It's not just for New Years!  Open a small-production Champagne and treat it like a fine white wine!  Now there's a revolution!

12 bottles of Bertrand's hand made Champagne, Ground Shipping included:

Pierre Brigandat Champagne Brut Tradition
Strange as it may sound, this 'Brut Tradition' is an ‘assemblage’ of 100% Pinot Noir cuvees. 25% is from what Bertrand Brigandat calls the 'cuvee reserve', wine from previous vintages set aside for blending purposes. While so much Champagne these days tastes of under-ripe fruit and yeast, this 'blanc de Noir' is a real wine, with finesse and elegance.  The roundness of the Pinot fruit is balanced with a bright acidity, and the soft pearl of the bubbles brings up aromas fresh and floral.

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