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Do you want to try something truly exceptional?
Louis Picamelot makes the best Crémant de Bourgogne...period.  
No one else even comes close.
Fully vinified wines, not some acidic base wine that's been dosed and gussied and prettified.  
These would be great Burgundy, even without the bubbles!
And it's not blasphemous to say that Picamelot Cremants rival the best champagnes in quality and conception

But we've been blown away by one of these wines in particular of late
LOUIS PICAMELOT Crémant de Bourgogne 'Les Reipes'
100% Chardonnay from a single vineyard, Les Reipes, situated in the Hautes Cotes above Saint Aubin. Les Reipes is a singular wine. Unique in its concept and elaboration. As I said earlier....exceptional!

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Visually, its color is bright. The bubble is a gush of finesse. The freshness of the citrus notes, the complexity of the Chardonnay and and the subtle balance between delicacy and aromatic strength make this a wine more appropriate to food than to aperitif. Elegant and generous, this Crémant will be perfect for meals.

This Crémant de Bourgogne is made with grapes coming from only one plot of vineyard 100% Chardonnay. This plot called Les Reipes is located on the heights of Saint-Aubin village in Hautes Côtes de Beaune. The manual harvesting begins when the grapes are strictly ripe enough and they are transported in small perforated cases to keep the whole berries intact and to avoid all risks of oxidation.

The juice is slowly extracted using a pneumatic press. They keep only the first presses, called “Coeur de Cuvée”. 150 kg of grapes pressed give 75 liters of base wine. The musts are then left to rest in a Custom-made stainless-steel vat with a particular shape where the alcoholic fermentation occurs on fine lees. Once the fermentations ended, the resulting wine ages in a vat on fine lees during several months before being bottled with an addition of a sugar and yeast blend. Secondary fermentation (called “prise de mousse”) takes place in the cellar where the bottles lay on laths for over 3 years at a temperature between 12 and 14°C. The bottles are then riddled and disgorged before adding less than 6g/litre of grape sugar called “liqueur d’expédition” (Extra brut). After the labelling and final closure of the bottle using a cork and a metal cap, this Crémant de Bourgogne should be ideally tasted 6 months after the disgorging date written on the back lab

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