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I've known Jean-Claude Rateau since we were both just kids, and I watched the early years of his work in biodynamic winemaking here in Burgundy. At the time, he was the only one. Everyone thought he was nuts. But he eventually became the mentor and guru of an entire generation. Now, everybody is organic....and Jean-Claude is a genius!

I recently read a NY Times article about undiscovered Burgundy producers that wine aficionados should know about. Number 7 was Jean-Claude, last in the list because the writer said that while his wines are extraordinary, they are extremely difficult to find in the US.

But.... there is one place you can find them:!

So for you, it's not difficult at all! You already know what offers. We have presented Jean-Claude's wines since our paper-copy newsletter days back in the 90s. And he just gets better and better.  

He says that it's because his vines are ever-healthier due to the biodynamic care they receive. But we want you to be the judge. And there is not a better moment for you to try Jean-Claude's wines.

Because...we have two different vintages of his Beaune 'Prevoles' in the Elden cellars....2017 and 2018.

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6 bottles each RED mixed case with GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED

Jean Claude Rateau Beaune 'Prevoles 2017
Floral, round and structures, dense and full with great tension and a long long finish on the fruit.

Jean Claude Rateau Beaune 'Prevoles 2018
2018 was a warm growing year in Burgundy. This wine emerges floral, dense and round, with flavors of fresh blackberry, underripe blackcurrent, crushed rose, and the same fresh mineral you might find on the ’17 vintage. Great tension and a long finish.

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