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Volnay AOC  situated in the Côte de Beaune, has a well deserved reputation for producing stunning Burgundy red wines.

But, what of the name, you may wonder? It is in fact derived from the God of water – Volen, and it was called Vollenay before its present name. A chateau was built here around 1250 – the handiwork of Hugues IV – and became something of a Duke’s retreat, for it was here that they gathered to enjoy the good air and the even better wine. They’re still enjoyed here to this day. Over the next 800 years or so, Volnay became hugely popular – Louis XI even bought vineyards here. To taste the wines from this terroir is to understand why everyone from the Knights of Malta to the Kings of France have raved about them.

Comparisons in qualities to the famous neighbouring village of Pommard is inevitable. Two villages so close yet with very different characters. Some also note similarities to Chambolle-Musigny situated within the Côte de Nuits. So Volnay is discussed within excellent company, however, we like to celebrate the uniqueness of the Burgundian villages. The overall character of Volnay is known as elegant, floral, violet, cherry gooseberry, spices, game and prune. A classic phrase that describes the village is “An iron fist in a velvet glove.” And we make sure we give thanks to old God of Water ‘Volen’, for his waters which have been so miraculously turned into wine.

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12 bottle case of RED with GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED

Domaine Potinet-Ampeau Volnay 1er Cru Carelles Sous la Chapelle 2012
One of the silkiest of the Volnay premier crus. Soft, complex, delicate even. But intense too. Lacy, ethereal, and earthy at the same time, it shares a structure and character with Chambolle-Musigny to the north.


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SKU: EAMP09R-12-12
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