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What's more, here's a selection of his wines that fall into our 'Under $35' range.
Perfect for summer drinking!  

Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of the appellation Bourgogne Côte Saint Jacques. There is very little of it, and there are very few producers. Alain Vignot essentially invented the appellation in 1975 after years of proving the worth of the distinct terroir of the hillside at Joigny, above the river Yonne in the furthest-northwest part of Burgundy.

We came across Alain Vignot’s wine, essentially his iconic Cote Saint Jacques Vin Gris, in our early days aboard our peniche-hotel Le Papillon.  We often moored on the Yonne in the towns of Joigny and Auxerre, and Vignot wines were as local as you could get!

We were always deeply impressed by his Vin Gris, by the expression of Pinot Gris produced on the steep flint and limestone slopes overlooking the Yonne River valley. It’s a wine unique in Burgundy. And it was the only wine produced on the Cote Saint Jacques for much of the region’s history, dating back to phylloxera.

Then in 1980, Alain Vignot replanted Pinot Noir.  And in 1992 Chardonnay reappeared. Alain Vignot became not only the locomotive of an appellation that he all but created, he became the benchmark of what these wines could be. From fewer than 4 acres in 1970, he developed a domain that today extends over 29 acres. Work and perseverance. Risks, both commercial and professional. This is the profile of a visionary.

Domaine Vignot wines are a perfect fit with Elden Selections’ ethic: a great winemaker working in a lesser-known appellation, producing Burgundy worthy of the region’s reputation and accolades.

We propose a 12 bottle mixed case, 3 bottles each with GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED

Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques Vin Gris 2022
Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques Rouge 2021
Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques Rouge 'Les Ronces' 2020
Bourgogne Rose 2022

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