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Champagne Gamet Rive Droite NV

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Rive Droite is a blend of the terroirs of Damery and Fleury-la-Rivière. Damery is located on the edge of the marl, while Fleury-la-Rivière is located at the bottom of the valley, half-surrounded by the forest. Very sunny area, these terroirs suit Meunier & Pinot Noir. The soils are clay-limestone, sandy and marly. Soils of great diversity, the shoals of an ancient inland sea, rich in great biodiversity. Today, shells and other fossils make up the soils of clay-sandy areas, offering great Champagnes and intense saline wines! A fresh, fruity Champagne, supported by the roundness of Meunier, with a smooth chew on the palate.  Bright and citric.




The four-generations-old Maison Gamet, located in the Marne Valley, in the village of Mardeuil, offers a rich family history. Born of a back-and-forth between two villages on either side of the river Marne, just to the northwest of Epernay, it all started with two women, Victoire Garnier from Mardeuil and Berthe Heucq from Fleurey-la Riviere. It was in the post-war period, as winemakers were coming back to their land, that they recovered their vineyards and began to market their champagne.

In the 1950s, their respective grandsons added to the family farms. And a marriage a few years later brought the Gamet name to the unified domain.

Today a fourth generation has assumed the responsibility of management of the land, and presents champagnes that are the product of reasoned and sustainable viticulture.

Independent farmers and craftsmen of champagne, the Maison Gamet has qualified for the Certification of High Environment Value (HEV) in order to preserve their terroir.

Combining tradition & modernity, the wines are made in both stainless vats and oak barrels, offering a great diversity when tasting the clear ‘base’ wines at the start of the year.

Located in the Marne Valley, the vineyards are located on either side of the river Marne. The cuvees ‘Rive Droite’ and ‘Rive Gauche’ are expressions of the differences between left bank and right bank vineyards. In this part of Champagne, the soils are predominantly clay-limestone and sometimes even sandy, especially in Fleury-la-Rivière. These soils offer more minerality and chewiness.

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