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This is a story that goes back to the origins of Elden Wine.  We met Charles du Besset from Château Cary Potet at one of the earliest Grands Jours de Bourgogne.  We fell in love with his beautiful and luscious Montagny whites, but also with the character himself.  Charles was a man from another era, tatty aristocracy in a romantic chateau in a beautiful part of southern Burgundy.  The real deal.  We learned much about life and wine in his presence, even if sometimes he would grow impatient with our youthful impetuosity and ‘American’ ways.

And then one day, we lost him.  And our lovely Cary Potet Montagny seemingly dissolved with him.We always thought that someone would take the reins of the domain, and that we would rekindle our relationship with the property. But a decade passed, and we heard nothing.

Then one day we were in a supermarket, of all places, and there was the Cary Potet label, just as we had known it all those years before, but with the latest vintage tagged on it’s collarette. And there, in the fine print was marked ‘Produced by Chateau de Chamilly’.

So we got in touch with the Chateau de Chamilly, and discovered they had indeed taken over the Cary Potet production, but were selling it under their own name.  The supermarket wine was a result of a deal that Charles had made years before, and as the contract remained valid, the Chateau de Chamilly produced Chateau Cary Potet exclusively for one client!

So here are the excellent 2017 Montagny 1er Cru whites from the Chateau de Chamilly, I mean the Chateau Cary Potet.

6 pack includes 3 bottles of each white burgundy.

Chateau de Chamilly Montagny 1er Cru 'Les Jardins' 2017
This Montagny premier cru ‘Les Jardins’ is rich and grassy, with flinty minerality in the nose, and smoky minerality on the fruit. Lemon drop acidity and a touch of fat maturity are carried through the mid-palate onto a long mineral finish.

Chateau de Chamilly Montagny 1er Cru 'Les Burnins' 2017
This Montagny premier cru ‘Les Burnins’ has a mineral attack with orange blossom floral notes and spicy round fruit. Rich and smoky, with green apple acidity and a touch of butter. Good long finish carried by the minerality.


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