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Rosé wines can come in many shades of pink, depending on where they’re made and the method used. For some rosé wines like Champagne, a little red wine is blended with white wine to produce the recognizable ‘blush’ effect. But ordinarily, it’s the skin of the red grape (usually Pinot Noir in Burgundy, you won’t be surprised to hear) that gives the rosé wine its color. As the juice of both red and green grapes is clear, leaching a small amount of red grape skin into the wine does the job.

You may be wondering what to match a rosé wine with for dinner? Well, along with being excellent on their own, they also work wonders with al fresco eating (charcuterie, cheeses, egg dishes), but depending on the style can also be drunk with grilled fish or meats. That’s not to mention desserts – fruit tarts, for example, make an excellent sweet pairing.

6 bottle mixed case includes 3 bottles of each Rosé:

Domaine Alain Vignot Bourgogne Cote Saint-Jacques Vin Gris 2022
This is a real Pinot Gris, a serious food wine which offers a complex aromatic palette due in large part to its flinty terroir. It is called ‘gray’ wine because of its incomparable color, likened to a ‘partridge eye’, (l’oeil de perdrix) found in some classic expressions of champagne.

Domaine Alain Vignot Bourgogne Rosé 2022
From the hills above Joigny in the far northwest of Burgundy, the Cotes Saint Jacques is a tiny production, mostly in the hands of Alian Vignot, who pioneered the the regional appellation starting back in the 70s. The soil is flintier than elsewhere in Burgundy, and that gives these wines surprising backbone. But the exposition is perfect, south-southeast, so the maturity of the fruit shies through. This rose from 100% Pinot Noir is a true summer rosé, fleshy, fruity, full and luscious. The freshness will enchant your summer’s day.

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