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Agnes Paquet
Precision and Finesse
Winemakers like this are born, not made. You can't learn 'touch'.

As you know by now, 2021 was a tiny vintage. And as you also know, it was a most welcome vintage here in Burgundy, after a few years of hot harvests.

If you want to see how 'touch' matters, Burgundy 2021, both white and red, are crystalline examples.

And I propose to let Agnes Paquet lead you there with a crystalline clarion call. These are splendid examples of the finesse and precision that Agnes brings to everything she touches.
Her 2021s are affordable jewels.
They deserve to be in your cellar.

Read about the 2021 Vintage

Here are two different whites and two different reds from her 2021 campaign with Ground Shipping Included

Agnes Paquet Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2021
Partly raised in steel with a with a small percentage of oak. Good structure, good acidity, clean tannins. But also, ripe blackberry fruit in the bouquet, and fresh fruit in the attack. A beautiful Pinot, a beautiful Bourgogne and a real pleasure.

Agnes Paquet Auxey-Duresses Rouge 2021
A good percentage of whole grape in the maceration gives this Auxey red a delicate encapsulated burst of cherry fruit.  The Auxey terroir and tannic structure on display, and the ensemble is well-structured and juicy in youth.

Agnes Paquet Bourgogne Chardonnay 2021
Raised partly in steel with a small percentage of oak, this Chardonnay from strong limestone soils in the Hautes Cotes is crunchy, like biting in to the grape bunch, with fantastic freshness and good acidity on the finish.  Mineral and pure.

Agnes Paquet Auxey-Duresses Blanc 'Patience No 13’ 2021
Great acidity remains on these whites, giving the vintage a “brighter” feel than hot vintages prior. Alcohol may be a touch higher, though it is balanced with the structure. Riper fruit, of course, with zippy mineral notes and lingering complexity in the finish.


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