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Elden Selections HOWARD SMITH

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I had all but given up on Burgundy. I just never had much luck buying Burgundy wines on my own, even at very good wine stores.  Now I am kicking myself for having bought so much California Pinot Noir. They do not hold a candle to Burgundy.  I have been reading a lot about the Burgundy appellations, and your characterization of the wines is so accurate.  You are really good at this.

I really appreciate how much you have helped me build my collection.  I look forward to continuing my Burgundy journey with you.  I have learned so much about the region and its wines because of you.  I am so glad that I decided to give these wines another try after years of frustration.  You made it possible and I am deeply grateful.

My wife and I just tried the Capitain Ladoix 'Micaude'.  We were absolutely floored by how good it is! You are absolutely right that it is a blend of elegance and finesse with powerhouse side that is hidden away. I consider it be the best value wine that I have purchased from you  so far.  This is one wine that is going to be a staple for me.

Great job once again.  You have turned me into a big white wine fan.  Your description of a good white Burgundy hits the nail on the head: pure fruit, little or no wood, good acidity and floral freshness. This will be my standard on how to judge not only good Burgundy, but all white wine.

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