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Burgundy: A Big Reputation for Such a Small Place


In terms of wine and wonder, Burgundy is a place apart. With the finest wines in the world, one of France’s richest culinary traditions and the glories that the great Dukes left as their legacy, Burgundy is at the same time uncrowded and undiscovered, a magnificent sweep of valleys and hills, a dream landscape as beautiful as it is unexpected.

Visitors are often surprised that these famous wines which the great wide world prizes so highly actually come from sleepy little villages and minuscule plots of land that are worked by small-hold farmers and their families.

That these vineyards all have names, that you can taste the difference from one to the next, well that’s just Burgundy. That some parcels produce a mere few thousand bottles a year, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, that’s Burgundy too. And ultimately, when you see that of all of these small-hold farmers, only a handful make really great wine, well then you start to understand Burgundy from the inside out. 

For those of us who live here, it’s normal; it’s a question of scale. But for the great wide world it’s a conundrum. And as that world gets ever wider, understanding Burgundy becomes more and more difficult. Out there, your choices are limited. Either you play safe and stick with those same few producers that everybody knows. Or you can risk big bucks and heartbreak on the unknown. Or… and there is another way. It’s the only way really. You come inside.

Over the many years that we have been in Burgundy, we have learned that good winemakers value your enthusiasm much more than they value your checkbook. That suits us just fine because Elden has never been big business. But we have been constant and loyal. And because of that we have contacts and access that are unparalleled in present day Burgundy.

We know of no one else who can take you into the real Burgundy the way that we can. From the start Elden has been here holding the cellar door open for you. It’s an invitation to come closer, to come inside. And when you do, you will find that everything Elden does, it does for you.

Now that you have this introduction to Burgundy, check the Regions and Geology.



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