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Red Wine

Domaine Les Astrelles Bourgogne Athetes 2022

Côte de Nuits
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Exhibits a stunning crimson red hue, indicative of its vibrant youth and Pinot Noir character. It has an immediately engaging with aromas of ripe cherries and a delicate spice profile. The cherry notes are reminiscent of freshly picked fruit, accompanied by subtle hints of cloves and a touch of earthy undertones. Upon tasting, the wine is fleshy and inviting, offering a rich mouthfeel. It showcases a complex structure, more pronounced than its neighbor Les Maladières, providing depth and persistence on the palate. The cherry flavors continue to dominate, interwoven with spicy nuances and a light touch of oak from its aging process. The wine maintains a perfect balance between its robust structure and a delicate, almost ethereal finish, leaving a lasting impression of finesse. Bourgogne "Les Athets" Organic is a beautifully crafted wine with a compelling balance of fruit, spice, and structure. Its fleshy, persistent character combined with delicate nuances makes it an appealing choice for both immediate enjoyment and short-term cellaring (3-5 years). Ideal for pairing with dishes like roasted poultry, mushroom risotto, or soft cheeses.


Domaine Les Astrelles


Introducing the Domaine Les Astrelles, a remarkable addition to the prestigious Burgundy landscape. Situated in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertin, the estate, previously known as Domaine Pierre Naigeon, was acquired in 2019 by Isabelle and Jean-Marie Chapier, both of whom bring a unique blend of medical expertise and passionate dedication to winemaking. Isabelle, a doctor of pharmacy, and Jean-Marie, a medical biologist, settled in Gevrey-Chambertin after an initial winemaking venture in Bergerac ignited their passion for viticulture. Jean-Marie is an "investor who wants to get involved," assembling a dynamic team that reflects his energetic approach, while ​Isabelle oversees the administrative and accounting aspects of the operation.


Since taking over, the Chapiers have revitalized the 14-hectare estate, focusing on organic farming and meticulous vineyard management. The team includes cellar master Julien Millet, who joined in April 2020 and brings extensive experience from his tenure at Comte Georges de Vogüé.

Domaine Les Astrelles wines are characterized by classic Burgundy elegance, with wines exhibiting pure aromas of fresh fruits and a beautiful concentration. Spicy notes add to the vintage's complexity, promising excellent aging potential and a refinement.

Domaine Les Astrelles, with its blend of traditional practices and innovative techniques, is set to make a significant mark in Burgundy. The estate's dedication to organic farming, meticulous vinification, and the creation of elegant, expressive wines positions it as a standout producer in the Côte de Nuits,




After three successive high-quality but low-quantity vintages, winemakers in Burgundy are refilling their cellars with an excellent 2022 harvest.This is not to say that it was an easy ride. Once again, frost, heat and drought put stress on the growing season, but timing is everything, and the extreme weather did much less damage than in previous years.


Winters have been wet and mild for years now. The winter of 2021-22 was not, with less than average rainfall and seasonal temperatures. Under these ‘normal’ conditions, we would expect budburst in the first half of April. But summer-like conditions at the end of March forced the vines, especially Chardonnay, to bud early, and we went into frost season with tender green buds exposed. There were two nights in the coming week below zero, but damage was limited.


Spring conditions set in in mid-April, but Summer followed soon thereafter, dry with spiky heat waves. The vines went wild.  Winemakers fought to keep the growth under control. And the fight continued until flowering, which happened a couple of weeks early in mid-May.


The warm, dry conditions led to nearly-perfect flowering. We saw for the first time the potential of a great crop, with lots of beautiful, full, well-formed grape bunches; and an early harvest, with fruit setting well ahead of schedule.


But the drought held, and the fear was that this beautiful fruit would shrivel on the vine. Finally, at the end of June, the rain came. Summer storms bring with them the risk of hail, so all eyes were on the sky as the storms were sometimes violent causing significant but limited hail damage. The rains were intermittent, but regular for the next weeks. The cumulative rainfall would not be enough to see the crop through to harvest, however.


The heat waves continued through the rains, and so the risk of fungal disease, usually associated with wet conditions, dried up. But temperatures spiked and dry conditions set in again. The grapes ripened in a full-blown heat wave. Winemakers had to keep a close eye on sugar levels, as the risk was that ripeness could gallop away at the last minute.


And then, just about the time when it looked like an over-ripe mid-August harvest was imminent, it rained again. And the producers were able to let that water absorb into the fruit, increasing the volume of juice that was ultimately harvested in the first week of September.


2022, both white and red, are showing real depth and ripeness. And while there was once again very little malic acid, the tartaric acid holds the balance and structure together. Early tastings in the barrel show enormous charm and vitality. Very promising.




Generally considered the generic Burgundy wine, appellation Bourgogne, both red and white, can also be thought of as the model of what Burgundy wine should be. It is produced in almost all of the winemaking communes throughout Burgundy, and from the same grape varieties as the more specific appellations. This means that simple Bourgogne has the potential to express terroir and vintage. But because it can be produced by blending wines sourced from across the region, the quality and specificity of this appellation can be questionable. On the other hand, many Bourgogne are produced within a single commune and some even from a single vineyard. So as with all Burgundy wine, you need to know its pedigree and who made it.

The appellation Bourgogne is restricted to wines grown within the defined limits of the appellation:

Yonne 54 communes

Côte d’Or 91 communes

Saône et Loire 154 communes


Pinot Noir is a native Burgundian grape and, with the exception of a bit of César still to be found in the Yonne, is the principle variety in Bourgogne Rouge. Red wines in Burgundy are often described as deeply colored, but this is not necessarily the case. Though the skins of pinot noir are black, the juice is colorless. And so whatever color the wine itself has comes from contact with the skins during the pre-fermentation maceration. So naturally, each vintage will produce a different color wine. In general though, ruby and crimson are the tones most associated with Burgundy. Fruit notes are often strawberry, black fruits and cherry. And then with age we start to notice wilder aromas and flavors, undergrowth, mushrooms, animal.


In many cases the regional appellation Bourgogne Pinot Noir is grown near and sometimes adjacent to more prestigious crus. But the mystery of Burgundy is that wines separated by dozens of meters can be so different one from the other. Appellation Bourgogne vineyards tend to be located along the foot of the vineyard slopes on limestone soils mixed with some clays and marls. The soils are usually heavy but can be stony, rocky even, and quick-draining.


Red – Pinot Noir

Production surface area

1 hectare (ha) = 2.4 acres

1812 ha


Bourgogne Rouge tends not to be elaborately made. So its simplicity is valuable in food pairing. Delicate and refined, it can go with delicate dishes that are naturally aromatic, salads and simmered meat stews. But it also makes them ideal for those who prefer red wine to white when pairing with fish dishes. And of course, the classic red wine cheese combinations work perfectly.

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